Who We Are

Who We Are

Tiffany Trenda  Founder and Creative Director

Trenda is a video installation performance artist based out of Malibu, CA. She received her BFA from Art Center College of Design and her MFA from UCLA Design and Media Arts. She has exhibited at Robert Berman, Farmani Gallery, Photo San Francisco, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Korean Cultural Center, Highways, and Track 16. In 2009, she created an artist installation for Photo Los Angeles and performed live. Later that year she performed “Entropy” at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Trenda won the prize of The Artist of the Year at the London Creative Awards in 2008 and 2009. In 2010, she performed at the World Fair, Shanghai, China. Most recently, she performed at LACE (Los Angeles Contem­porary Exhibitions) and displayed her new media work at the Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles. http://www.tiffanytrenda.com



Quynh Nguyen Writer and Editor

In addition to writing about art, Quynh creates content strategy for websites and marketing language for businesses. Her work includes collaborating with individual clients on writing, from profiles and personal statements to books and press materials. She also edits articles and academic papers for publication, mainly in the field of art and architecture. With a strong inclination for collaboration, she often helps clients identify their voice through language and hone their writing skills. Her current personal projects include a collection of essays about Los Angeles and a book of short fiction. www.wordfixx.com




Eder Cetina Museum Consultant

Eder Cetina is a Los Angeles muralist, painter and sculptor.  He received his BA from the University of California Los Angeles.  His large murals, installations, and digital projections have exhibited on an international level.  He was later awarded the prestigious Los Angeles Council Arts Fellowship in 1997 and won the prize of Best in Show.  Cetina’s work has been sought after by major museum collections including Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Notron Simon, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.  He has been commissioned for large-scale projects from LACMA, Coachella Music Festival, Ludacris show at the L.A. Coliseum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art.  As a commercial artist, Cetina works in a variety of mediums for the company, Olson Visual, a premier large-scale graphic company.   Recently, Cetina’s work has exhibited at major institutions such as The Autry, UCLA and Skirball Cultural Center where he continues to produce work that represents today’s Los Angeles street art and hip hop scene. http://www.laartcollective.com/artists/eder-cetina/


Carlos Ulloa Representative


Carlos Ulloa is a visual artist based in Hollywood, CA.  Ulloa was born in Philadelphia from a Cuban father and an American mother.  He received his Bachelors from Hartwick College and his Masters from Vermont College of Fine Arts.  He has exhibited internationally including Germany, Spain, Ecuador and Argentina. Johnson Museum, Lehigh University and Miami Dade College (where he exhibited over forty original works of art).  He is also an accomplished designer for commercial spaces. http://www.laartcollective.com/artists/carlos-ulloa-2/



Patricio Maya Contributing Writer

Patricio Maya writes stories, poems and cultural criticism. In 2011 he held the Visiting Scholar position at CalArts’ Aesthetics and Politics program. There he wrote an essay aboutdissident bloggers Hossein Derakhshan, Ai Weiwei and Yoani Sánchez. He is the current resident critic at Drkrm photo gallery. Some of the magazines that have published his work are Nueva Luz Photographic Journal, Baquiana and Mantis. He was born in Quito, Ecuador.  www.patriciomaya.com




Paul Wehby  Media and Graphic Designer 


Paul Wehby is a practicing graphic designer and artist specializing in contemporary art book design, and exhibition graphics. In addition to working with many living artists in Los Angeles, he has worked with many art institutions including The Los Angeles Museum of Art, A+D Museum of design, The California International Arts Foundation, and 18th Street Arts.