What Is PerformanceArtist.com?

PerformanceArtist.com is dedicated to the history and evolving environment of one of the most bold and evocative art forms, live performance art. Visitors gain exposure to both historical and emerging artists from around the world. As you navigate these pages, you will discover reviews and interviews with internationally acclaimed performers, as well as a new breed of underground innovators.


We aim to educate and support Performance Art by addressing all levels of knowledge and exposure on the subject. We offer insight and accessibility to context and medium, making the discourse on each performance more comprehensible and communicative amongst a broad audience. We encourage commentary and believe that opening up dialogue with our audience creates groundbreaking outcomes while inspiring new ideas.

Our goal is to continually bring the viewer closer to the process of performance art by bridging an international collective of artists, curators, writers, creatives and intrigued audiences.

 What Is Performance Art?

Performance Art is continually reinterpreted and redefined within varying social climates throughout history. It’s an ever- evolving  medium.  A performance is a moment or an experience that customarily happens once and is never repeated.  The audience becomes apart of the performance and acts as the witness to the experience whereas the photograph, the film or video documentation is only a rendering of that particular time and space. The rapid growth and accessibility of new media, information and technology are changing the very meanings and interpretations of performance art, from generation to generation.